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Mickey's Birthdayland & Starland

1988 was Mickey's 60th birthday and the Magic Kingdom decided to celebrate this in a very special way. Unused land to the East of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea began being cleared to make way for what was supposed to be a new temporary land called Mickey's Birthdayland. Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, guests would hear announcements from Minnie Mouse regarding a special surprise party she was having for Mickey. A new train stop was added and guests made their way into a Toon land, similar to Toontown in Disneyland, but themed around the town of Duckburg.


After touring Duckburg, guests would move on to a large Circus-style tent that was to act as the location for Mickey's Surprise party. Once inside, guests were treated to a show that featured Mickey and the Gang surprising The Big Cheese with a 60th birthday party.


Mickey's Birthdayland was also home to Grandma Duck's farm and the home of a famous cow, Minnie Moo, who's left side featured a large "Hidden Mickey." After a move to Fort Wilderness, Minnie died in mid-2001.


Birthdayland's popularity was so great that Disney decided to make it a permanent land at the Magic Kingdom (the first and only addition since the park opened). It closed in April of 1990 to be remodeled and turned into a new land called Mickey's Starland.


In May of 1990, Mickey's Starland opened. Characters found in the then afternoon cartoons that Disney produced were moved in and along with some classic characters, a new show was created called "Mickey's Magical TV World." The show changed a bit each year to mirror the shows of the season.


For a brief period during December of 1995, Mickey's Starland became "Mickey's Toyland" before closing in early 1996 to be refurbished into a permanent land (at least for a while), Mickey's Toontown Fair!