Opening October 1989, Body Wars was a motion simulator that took guests into the human body. Guests boarded a special ship where they were miniaturized and sent into the body. After taking a look at a splinter from inside the skin, the ship is sucked into a vein and sent through the body to the heart and lungs. Of course, something has gone wrong and there isn’t enough power to beam back out of the body so the ship heads to the brain to be “charged” by the electrical impulses. On the way, the ship travels through the cerebral artery and into the spine. Once at the brain it recharges and beams the ship back out and to normal size.

A little-known fact about this attraction is that it was the first attraction at Epcot to have a height requirement.

Body Wars officially closed it’s doors on January 1, 2007, along with the rest of the Wonders of Life pavilion and it’s attractions.

During the 2016 Food & Wine Festival, an adventurous young individual worked to capture some spectacular footage of what remains of the attraction. With his permission we captured some unbelievable stills that are shared in our gallery below. Please note that we do not support or encourage this type of exploration and ask that everyone be safe, and follow the rules.

Body Wars at The Wonders of Life Pavilion, Epcot Retired Ride Attraction POV

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