Dumbo the Flying Elephant, often just referred to as “Dumbo”, was an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

As was true of its sister attraction in Disneyland, the original Dumbo attraction featured 10 elephants for guests to ride. Unfortunately this lead to long wait times in an uncovered queue and unhappy guests.

In 1993 the ride underwent some major refurbishment. An additional 6 elephants were added and the ride mechanics were updated to provide a smoother experience for guests. Additionally, Timothy Mouse was changed to hold a feather instead of a whip and was no longer standing atop a disco-like ball. To keep guests cool, the queue was moved and covered.

Dumbo closed in January of 2012 to be moved to the new Storybook Circus as part of the Fantasyland expansion, which added a second spinner to accomodate more guests, as well as a circus themed play area for waiting families.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant 19 Dec 1993 (plus Skyway!)

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