After The Walt Disney Story officially ended its run in 1992, the space of the original attraction became a temporary home for celebrating the park’s 25th Anniversary as well as Walt’s 100th Birthday. In between, the original pre-show area and one of the theater spaces became the Town Square Exhibition Hall.

Sponsored by Kodak, the Exhibition Hall featured random displays related to photography. Inside one of the modified theaters, guests could read through a timeline of Walt’s life and the company’s history as well as have their pictures taken with a myriad of stand-up displays depicting Disney characters and films such as Snow White and Toy Story. In a small seating area, guests could cool off and relax watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons on a small screen.

A few years after the space was used for the 100th Birthday celebration tribute it began to see fewer visitors, eventually leading to the cartoons ending. While the Kodak photography exhibits and standing displays remained, the space became a quiet and empty hall of memories, often devoid of any Cast Member attention. In late 2010 the Hall officially closed to make way for a new meet and greet space for Mickey, Minnie, and the Disney Princesses.

Walking Around Town Square Exposition Hall | 2002 | Magic Kingdom

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