After Kitchen Kabaret closed in January of 1994, it underwent a brief refurbishment to become a new, similarly themed attraction called Food Rocks which opened in late March. Like Kitchen Kabaret, the show featured Animatronic food in a benefit concert setting meant to encourage healthy eating and nutrition.

One of the biggest differences with Food Rocks was that its songs were done to the tunes of popular songs that guests recognized. Hosted by Fud Wrapper (voiced by Tone Loc) featured 12 acts, many of which were done by the original artists*.

Act One: We’ll Make it Count in the Kitchen – The U-tensils (Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody)
Act Two: Good Nutrition – The Peach Boys (Parody of Good Vibrations) 
Act Three: Every Bite You Take – Refrigerator Policy (Parody of Every Breath You Take) 
Act Four: High Fiber – Pita Gabriel (Parody of Sledgehammer) 
Act Five: Always Read the Wrapper – Fud Wrapper (Parody of Funky Cold Medina)* 
Act Six: Just Keep It Lean – The Sole of Rock-n-Roll (Parody of the Shoop Shoop Song) 
Act Seven: Tutti Fruitti – Richard (Parody of Tutti Frutti)* 
Act Eight: Vegetables Are Good For You – Neil Moussaka (Parody of Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)* 
Act Nine: Let’s Exercise – Chubby Cheddar (Parody of The Twist)* 
Act Ten: Give Us Junk – The Excess (Original Tune) 
Act Eleven: Just a Little Bit – The Get-to-the-Point Sisters (Parody of Respect)* 
Finale: Choose Before You Chew – U-tensils and Cast (Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody)

In January 2004, after nearly 10 years, Food Rocks closed its doors as the last attraction to use the theater space. The attraction was shut down, the stage left abandoned and hidden behind a wall (visit our gallery below for more photos), to make way for Soarin’ which used some of the space and entrance for its queue.

EPCOT Center - Food Rocks Full Show - May 15, 1994


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