Holding 149,000 gallons of water, The Fountain of Nations was an opening day feature of EPCOT Center. Filled with water from 29 countries (and 25 bodies of water), the fountain was known by many names throughout its history including Fountain of Nations, Fountain of [World] Friendship, CommuniCore Fountain and Innoventions Fountain.

In 1993, the fountain was upgraded to include over 250 synchronized jets timed to a musical show that ran every 15-minutes.

At the 2019 D23 convention, it was announced that many changes were coming to Epcot. This included a new central hub, and the unfortunate end to the Fountain of Nations. By the end of the year, the fountain had been completely demolished, however, it has been reported that water from the fountain was saved for inclusion in the new design in some way.

Fountain of Nations on its “Official” Final Day | Epcot


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