After exiting Journey Into Imagination, guests could spend time in the ImageWorks, a playground for the senses and imagination. The original Image Works was located above the attraction in the glass pyramids. There, guests would travel through the Sensor (or Rainbow Tunnel as it was often called), paint with magical paintbrushes and experience other hands-on fun.

The original ImageWorks closed in 1998 as part of the Imagination pavilion refurbishment though the space it occupied was not to be re-used. In fact, the original ImageWorks still very much exists today, collecting dust and slowly crumbling as guests visit its replacement below.

In January 2016 it was announced the former ImageWorks space would be refurbished into a lounge for DVC members. The new space opened a few months later.

In 2018, our friends at Back Door Disney shared an incredible video look at what remained abandoned behind the lounge walls. A word of warning: If you grew up loving the original ImageWorks space, this video may be painful to watch!

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