Opening in March 1983, Journey Into Imagination was a roughly 11-minute long attraction featuring two main characters: 

  • Dreamfinder, who piloted a flying vessel that caught “ingredients” and stored them in the Idea Bag for later deposit in the Dream Port
  • Figment, a creature created by Dreamfinder. His makeup was simple: Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, what a loveable fellow. From head to tail, he was royal purple pigment, and there, eureka, you’ve got a Figment! A Figment of Imagination of course!

The attraction was centered on the power of imagination, and how it could be inspired, and featured a unique turntable that ride train vehicles would split off and attach to for the introduction sequence. 

After exiting the loading area, guests came upon an odd flying vessel piloted by a man who introduces himself as Dreamfinder. He explains that he uses the vehicle to catch ideas and turn them into wondrous things… like his pal Figment. It was at this point that guests were first introduced to the theme song of the attraction.

The ride vehicles then traveled off the turntable and into the Dreamport’s storage area. Here was stored a machine that helped to sort ideas, as well as objects such as a cage of musical notes and applause in a box. From here it was on to rooms that represented different inspirations such as Arts, Science, and Literature.

The first room guests entered was dedicated to the Arts, and felt much like entering a color book. Here Dreamfinder was painting using a pot of rainbows held by Figment.

The next room was focused on Literature, but more specifically the genre of thriller or suspense. Dreamfinder sat at an organ from which words were played, as well as defined, and Figment was seen attempting to hold a book of monsters shut.

Following Literature, guests entered a room about the Performing Arts where Figment was found going through a costume box while Dreamfinder put on a laser light show.

The last inspiration room was Science and featured a huge microscope through which Dreamfinder was inspecting the microscopic inner workings of plants, crystals, and space.

The final scene featured a central Figment singing and dancing to the attraction’s theme music. Around him was a filmstrip of screens featuring Figment in different roles such as a tap dancer, a captain, a pirate, a mountain climber and an athlete. After making a circle around Figment, the ride vehicles came to the final room where Dreamfinder sat behind a camera, showing pictures of guests he had captured during the attraction.

Despite its popularity, guests bid good-bye to Figment in 1998 as Journey Into Imagination closed for a major refurbishment. The attraction was gutted to be completely re-themed as Journey Into Your Imagination in order to pair well with the new 3D Film, Honey I Shrunk the Audience. The hands-on ImageWorks was moved to the same floor as the attraction.

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