An often forgotten piece of original Walt Disney World property is the Lake Buena Vista STOLport. A “short take off and landing” (STOL) runway, often known as the Walt Disney World Airport, the STOLport was located East of what was the Walt Disney World Speedway, South of the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. The airport was privately owned by the Walt Disney Company and connected flights from Tampa and other locations for guests and employees.

With no hangers and the ability to support only 4 planes on the ground at a time, it was ultimately decided to discontinue passenger service in December 1972, with the airport closing officially in the 1980s as monorail beams were installed.

The landing strip still exists today, typically used for storage of things such as large containers during construction, and is easily accessible to guests without restrictions by way of World Drive or Vista Boulevard.

The History of The Walt Disney World Airport

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