Magic Carpet ‘Round the World was the second Circle-Vision 360° film to appear in Tomorrowland. It replaced the previous film, America the Beautiful. Like it’s predecessor, it made two appearances in the Circle-Vision Theater. It’s first was while the America the Beautiful film was modified for the Bicentennial from 1974-1975. It then returned for a longer period in 1979, finally closing in 1984 to make way for its subsequent replacement, American Journeys.

An interesting tidbit about this particular Circle-Vision film is that portions of it were reused years later as part of the Timekeeper attraction.

The film was approximately 20 minutes long and introduced guests to more than 20 Countries around the world. As was true with American Journey’s, Monstanto remained the sponsor during it’s run.

Circle-Vision 360 Magic Carpet 'Round The World Live Audio by Jerry Klatt


  1. Is there any public contact information for Jerry Klatt? I understand he is a bit of an expert when it comes to the Contemporary Resort.

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