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Magic Journeys

An opening day attraction at Epcot, Magic Journeys is one of the only attractions to ever have a home in multiple locations of Walt Disney World property and the only attraction to have lived in more than one park on property.


Originally located in the theater attached to the Imagination pavilion, Magic Journeys was a 3-D film that looked at the world through the eyes of a child. Featuring a theme song composed by the Sherman brothers, the film featured children playing in a myriad of settings, moving from scene to scene by way of special 3-D effects.


In February of 1986, Magic Journeys closed to make way for a highly anticipated replacement, Captain EO.


In December 1987, Magic Journeys began it's second life on WDW property, finding a new home in the Fantasyland Theater that once held the Mickey Mouse Revue.


Magic Journeys closed it's doors for the last time at Walt Disney World in 1993, making room for a new attraction, Legend of the Lion King.