The Mickey Mouse Revue was an opening day attraction in the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Theater. The Revue featured 81 animatronic figures (73 characters, 8 of which were duplicated) on a large, 86-foot, stage in a huge theater. The stage was broken into 3 parts: the main stage and two smaller side stages.

After a short preshow film, Mickey shuffled guests from the preshow theater into the main show space. As the show began, Mickey rose from center stage, along with his “orchestra” of Disney characters. Lead by Mickey, the orchestra then continued on to play a medley of Disney songs from films such as Snow White, and Pinocchio, followed by a myriad of smaller sideshows from other characters that included songs from a wide range of Disney productions. The show ended with the spotlight being placed on Mickey, and the Mickey Mouse Club theme being sung by the characters on stage.

In September of 1980, the Mickey Mouse Revue was closed, disassembled, and packed up to be moved to Tokyo Disneyland. There, it lived out its second life (in Japanese) for another, amazing, 26 years.

The Fantasyland theater remained virtually empty for 7 years after the Revue closed, re-opening officially in 1987 when the ex-Epcot show, Magic Journeys was moved in. In 1993, it closed again to make way for Legend of the Lion King in 1994. In 2002 it closed one last time to make way for Mickey’s Phillharmagic.

In early 2016, Disney quietly reintroduced 3 characters from this attraction. The Three Caballeros animatronics were brought into the Gran Fiesta Tour at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion as a replacement for the end scene that previously took place on a screen.

The Mickey Mouse Revue, Walt Disney World 1971


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