On December 5, 2012, a spectacle of epic proportions unfolded in the skies above Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. To celebrate the grand opening of New Fantasyland, a dragon soared high overhead, flapping its wings, moving its head and tail, and even spitting fire. This was no ordinary dragon, but a marvel of technology and imagination that left spectators in awe.

The dragon made its grand appearance during a media party celebrating the opening of New Fantasyland. As the park had already closed to day guests, only attending press, travel agents, executives, and their guests had the chance to witness this fire-breathing creature impressively flying overhead. The dragon was a symbol of protecting the land from evil.

Despite the excitement and awe it generated, the dragon was only used in several marketing campaigns and at the official grand opening for New Fantasyland. Most Disney fans never had a chance to see the dragon they had heard so much about. The dragon was not part of the regular New Fantasyland entertainment.

Today, the dragon has found a new home. In a recent video from Techcrunch showing off a walking Groot figure, the Fantasyland Dragon was spotted in the Walt Disney Imagineering offices. The paraglider still has the modified fireworks canons that helped it breathe fire in the skies over Magic Kingdom. While it retired from flight long ago, it appears to serve as inspiration for the Imagineers.

Flying Dragon debuts at Walt Disney World for New Fantasyland grand opening

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