Opening July 1, 1975, the WEDWay Peoplemover differed from its counterpart at Disneyland in its propulsion system and design. While Disneyland’s attraction used spinning tires embedded in the track, the Magic Kingdom’s attraction uses emission-free linear-induction motors. Additionally, the WEDWay Peoplemover track was covered its entire length, rather than having individual covers on each train car.

In 1985, the original voice of the Peoplemover, Jack Wagner, was replaced by ORAC One – “The Commuter Computer.”

In 1994 as part of the greater Tomorrowland refurbishment, the attraction underwent some changes. The color scheme of the attraction vehicles was changed, the narration once again re-recorded, the script updated and the name of the attraction then became “The Tomorrowland Transit Authority” or “TTA”.

In addition to these changes, any time an attraction along its path was updated, the narration and script too had to be changed. As a result, many versions of the attraction’s narration have existed since it’s opening day. The latest change to the attraction took place in mid-2010 when the narration and script were once again updated and the attraction name changed to the “Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover” in somewhat of a historical reference to the original.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom: Peoplemover POV Ride - April 2, 1992 - Restored Video

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