Snow White’s Scary Adventures opened with the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. Though a sister attraction of the Disneyland version, Walt Disney World’s ride was quite different and to some, much more fitting of the “Scary” title.

In the original ride, guests played the role of Snow White so she was not included in the attraction. This was often confusing to guests and a let down to little girls wanting to catch a glimpse of the princess. In addition to a trip through the Dwarfs’ cottage as they investigate a strange shadow (you – as Snow White), the original attraction featured additional appearances by the witch as well as an ending in which the rock she pushes “fell” forward toward the guests, followed by a room of flashing lights and stars, implying she had great aim.

In 1994 the attraction closed for extensive remodeling. To assist with the confusion of how a Snow White themed attraction could not contain Snow White, the “show” was modified to instead follow Snow White through the adventure. Scenes depicting Snow White outside the castle, taking the poisoned apple from the witch as well as a new ending where Prince Charming awakes her with a kiss were added. And that witch? Well, her aim certainly did not improve with the new version of the attraction. Instead, the boulder proves too heavy and rolls back toward her after her failed attempt to push it over the edge.

When the ride reopened, the word “Scary” had been removed from the title and the attraction simply became “Snow Whites Adventures”. Not long after, this change was undone as the scenes depicting the witch still proved to be quite scary for little ones.

On May 31, 2012, the final ride through Snow White’s scary world took place to make way for a new Princess meet and greet location. A young autistic boy named Ben was chosen to be the last guest to experience the attraction (read more about his adventure here). Princess Fairytale Hall officially opened to guests, in this space, on September 18, 2013.

Snow White's Scary Adventures WDW HD

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