Debuting February of 2012, Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom was an interactive game that took place in the Magic Kingdom. Guests were recruited by Merlin to be his apprentice, and would visit key locations throughout the park to defeat Hades and his fellow team of villains using special cards read at each station to cast their magic spells.

To participate in the game, guests began their adventure at the Mainstreet Firehouse where they were given their keycard (in exchange for their park ticket), a map of game locations, and a set of 5 spell cards with which to play. Initially, a guest could visit the Firehouse to obtain another set of 5 spells each day, however, in late 2013 this was modified to require the guest to open a new portal in order to receive their new cards.

Each villain that an apprentice must fight had their own set of attributes (i.e. weaknesses and strengths) and the appropriate spell had to be used in order to defeat them. Spell cards were divided into 9 classes, and 5 rarities.

Despite the game having overwhelming popularity in its initial years, interest eventually waned and the game was shut down forever in January 2021.

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