Opening in April of 1999, Sounds Dangerous was a special effects show, starring Drew Carey. As with its predecessor, The Monster Sound Show, the show took place at the ABC Theater and was focused on sound effects used in the film industry.

After entering the theater, guests were introduced to a new show being piloted by ABC called “Undercover Live,” starring Drew Carey as an undercover detective, Foster. Though occasional visuals were shown on a small screen, the majority of the show took place in the dark with guests wearing headphones to hear the effects. 

After nearly 10 years, Sounds Dangerous began operating seasonally in early 2009, eventually closing officially in May of 2012. The theater was rebranded as simply the ABC Sound Studio and was used for occasional movie sneak peeks as well the “Carbon-Freeze Me” experience during Star Wars Weekends.

Sounds Dangerous Disney's Hollywood Studios 2010 FULLHD by Dolbyman

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