Nearly 3 years after it’s predecessor World of Motion had closed and after a series of soft openings that ultimately resulted in more work, Test Track officially opened to guests in March of 1999.

Inside a completely gutted and reconstructed Transportation pavilion, Test Track allowed guests to ride along as GM vehicles were taken through a series of tests including different road surface types, braking, inclines and environmental tests. The final test was a speed test during which the vehicles left the pavilion, after “crashing” through a wall, for a high speed (usually around 65mph) banked trip around it.

Each vehicle had more computing power onboard than the Space Shuttle and traveled more than 50,000 miles each year.

In April 2012, the original Test Track, now known as “1.0,” closed to undergo a refurbishment that would leave the physical attraction much the same but change the experience entirely. The new attraction, which opened in December of 2012, is sponsored by Chevrolet and features an interactive simulation in which guests can build and test their own vehicles by way of RFID cards given to each guest. While the ride vehicles are much the same with only small changes, the unchanged track now rides through a new series of tests themed to match the sleek blue glow of the Chevrolet brand concepts.

Test Track Ultimate Tribute


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