One of many clubs found at Pleasure Island, the Adventurer’s Club holds a special place in the hearts of many Disney fans. Designed by a team of Imagineers that included Joe Rohde of Animal Kingdom fame, the Adventurer’s Club opened along with the rest of Pleasure Island in May of 1989 as part of the fictional story of Pleasure Island’s own, Merriweather Adam Pleasure.

The theme of the club was that of a 30’s style private club for explorers, travelers, and adventurers. Inside the walls were covered with maps and artifacts from its guests travels and the club featured a cast of puppets, animatronics and Cast Members who amused patrons with interactive live entertainment.

The Adventurer’s Club had 5 individually themed rooms: The Mask Room, The Treasure Room, The Main Salon, The Library and The Zebra Mezzanine. Inside these rooms, guests had the opportunity to view unique shows throughout the night where they would witness everything from a radio broadcast to a new member induction ceremony.

Becoming much more than simply a place to hang out and enjoy adult beverages, the club eventually began to get a following and as such, some unique traditions began. The official greeting and beverage of the Adventurer’s Club was “Kungaloosh,” a term that quickly grew to become the symbol of its fans. In addition to this greeting, the club had its own creed and it’s motto was “Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!”

In June of 2008, Disney announced it would be closing Pleasure Island to make way for new shops and family friendly entertainment. Fans of the Adventurer’s Club felt very strongly that it was unlike any other club or venue on the property and should remain as a true Disney attraction. In an effort to sway the minds of Disney Executives, an online petition was started.

In 2009 at the D23 Expo it was announced that many of the props from the club would be sent to Hong Kong Disneyland to be worked into the Mystic Point expansion set to open in early 2013. Though it was selected as one of only three clubs that would remain open to private parties, the club was officially no longer available as of March 2010.

Walt Disney World Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island - May 28, 1992

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