After 7 years of vacancy following its predecessor, Doug:Live! closing, The American Idol Experience opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in February 2009. Inspired by the popular Fox television series, guests could register to perform live on stage for a chance to win a “ticket” to compete in the show.

While popular initially, over time, performer registrations dwindled and guest attendance to be in the audience and vote for the performers became insufficent to truly continue the success of the attraction. This reduction in participation was generally attritbuted to the stretch of time guests would have to take away from their day at the studios.

In mid-2014 it was announced that the attraction would close in February 2015 however, without much notice, the attraction instead closed it’s doors in August 2014, with final performances taking place on August 30th. Nearly a year later, the theater re-opened for a new show, Frozen Ever After, a Frozen Sing-a-Long experience.

Full American Idol Experience show featuring Lee DeWyze at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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