In late 1997, Walt Disney World’s Tropical Serenade closed for refurbishment. The new story line called for the show to be taken over by Iago (of The Lion King) and Zazu (of Aladdin) and thus be “Under New Management”.

Under New Management opened to mixed reviews in April of 1998. The show, though similar, included some new songs and effects but much of the original attraction’s features.

In January of 2011, after what was described as a “small attic fire” by Disney officials, the main Iago audio-animatronic was damaged beyond repair. Additionally, the sprinkler system damaged the animatronic goddess, Uh-Oa, located in the pillar at the center of the room. The attraction closed once again to be redone in the style of Walt’s original Enchanted Tiki Room and (re)opened August 15, 2011.

Though no longer in her animated form, Uh-Oa was rescued and placed into the new Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto of the Polynesian Resort in March 2015. Upon ordering her namesake drink, Uh-Oa will be blacklit and her eyes will glow red.

The Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management HD

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