Using the same Circle-Vision theater space as it’s predecessor American Journeys, The Timekeeper opened in November of 1994.

Before the film began, guests were introduced to the Timekeeper (voiced by Robin Williams) and his robot invention “9 Eye” (voiced by Rhea Perlman) who he would be sending into the past as we the guest viewed history from her “eyes”. Unlike the previous films shown in the theater, The Timekeeper included a state of the art robot animatronic as well as multiple special effects.

The Timekeeper uses his machine to send “9 Eye” into the past. First to the Jurassic Period (seemingly in error) and then onto destinations in our history that include a meeting of H.G. Wells (played by Jeremy Irons) and Jules Verne as well as a look into Mozart’s childhood and Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions.

Though similar, the attraction’s sister films were slightly different based on their location.

In February of 2006, The Timekeeper closed it’s doors to make way for a new Monsters Inc. themed attraction, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, marking the last of the Circle-Vision 360° films to use the space.

The Timekeeper WDW Martins Ultimate Tribute

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