Similar to Test Track‘s GM sponsored post-show, the Transcenter was the post-show for the World of Motion and was centered around the general theme of “The Future of Transportation is Here.” Opening with the attraction in 1982, the Transcenter was designed with the help of General Motors and introduced guests to their technology and products by way of exhibits.

Starring an animatronic bird and his GM robot “Tiger”, The Bird and the Robot show introduced guests to the benefits of using robotics in car manufacturing. As a finale, Tiger would conduct the “Detroit Philrobotic Orchestra”, a series of film clips from GM manufacturing facilities set to music.

The Aerotest exhibit allowed guests to view and use computer modeling to design an aerodynamic vehicle and learn about how wind tunnels were used to test and improve fuel efficiency.

In addition to these exhibits, on display were models and mock-ups of futuristic cars (Dreamers Workshop area), a current vehicle showroom, as well as areas that gave a behind the scenes look into tools and techniques used by GM in designing their vehicles.

The Transcenter closed in 1996, along with the rest of the Transportation pavilion, to make way for Test Track.

TransCenter (World of Motion)

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