Leave a Legacy was a unique feature at Epcot that allowed guests to leave a lasting impression on the park by having their photo etched onto a small metal tile. The tiles were arranged in a series of monoliths that stood just inside the entrance to the park, forming an impressive wall of images that spanned over a decade.

Leave a Legacy was introduced in 1999 as part of Epcot’s Millennium Celebration. The project was a collaboration between Disney and Kodak, with the goal of creating a permanent monument to the millions of guests who had visited Epcot.

Guests could purchase a tile in one of three sizes and choose from a range of backgrounds. The tiles were engraved with the guest’s photo and/or a short message, and would remain on display for 10 years.

In 2019, Disney announced that Leave a Legacy would be removed from the park entrance as part of a major renovation project. The monoliths were dismantled in stages, with the first section of tiles being removed in June 2019. The final tiles were relocated to a new location just outside the park entrance, where they continue to be on display.

The History of Leave a Legacy (The Epcot Stones)

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  1. June 2024
    My wife and I were at Epcot on 7/2/2024, as we exited I saw the Legacy walls outside the exit. We had bought the Legacy tile in 6/2000, I found our tile at 013-14-11 it was the picture of our children and if you look close you can see the headrest of our son’s wheelchairin the background. It was emotional for my wife and I to see him again, we lost him in 2015.
    Please never remove these walls, they are truely a “Legacy” for everone that participated, I feel we are a part of the Disney history and I would never want to hear that the walls were removed.
    If I were Management I would re-open the program for this generation, I am sure you would get many participants. Thank You Gregory Petrusko

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