Unlike when the Carousel of Progress was brought to Disneyland, extensive changes were made when it was brought to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The attraction opened on January 15, 1975, along with Space Mountain. So why is it here on Extinct Disney? It’s still there isn’t it? Sure, but the attraction has gone through a lot of changes since 1975, and not just to the last scene!

The song the attraction features today, “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, is actually the original tune from the World’s Fair and Disneyland versions, but it wasn’t the original song played when the attraction first opened at Walt Disney World. Then, the attraction’s theme song was called “The Best Time of Your Life”. The script was similar and still told the story of a family as they went through the centuries of change but it was a good bit different from the attraction we know today.

Other than minor changes during the attraction’s GE sponsorship, the attraction closed for a major refurbishment in 1993 as part of the “New Tomorrowland” project. The show was updated, the script changed slightly, the voices changed and scenes re-recorded and the new (old) theme song “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” was added.

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