After exiting the Hyrdolators, guests boarded Seacabs that took them on a tour of The Living Seas’ reef. Using the same omnimover technology used in other areas, the Seacabs moved through tunnels built throughout the “aquarium” at The Living Seas. Guests were treated to views of the sealife and then dropped off at Seabase Alpha.

In 1998, United Technologies pulled their sponsorship of The Living Seas which lead to eventual cut-backs. Notoriously difficult to maintain and prone to leaks along seems, the Seacabs were shutdown in 2001.

When it was shutdown the track and ride mechanisms were simply sealed behind walls. This lead to the eventual refurbishment of the ride in 2006 as the rest of the pavilion moved to a Nemo & Friends theme.

Though the original attraction featured mostly clear tunnels built to showcase the ocean life found in The Living Seas, the new attraction was built almost entirely without removing the walls that hid the old glass tunnels before the refurbishment. Though the same track is used, the new “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” attraction only offers a short view of the “aquarium” at the end of the ride.

Living Seas Seacab Ride 1996

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